Welcome to Ashirwad School

A K-12 School founded by Ashirwad Trust is the embodiment of a drive to alter the education scenario by giving the teachers and students widest possible latitude in adoption of teaching trends and learning by bringing the advanced pedagogical principles in the curricular practice coupled with infrastructure and instructional facilities that depart from the convention taking them to the levels of excellence.

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Why Ashirwad Global School

The school is modern in approach, pedagogy and curricular design and has educational resources at par with best schools in the region. It has the ideal environment for child development for the 21st century.

Child-centered education

The individualized attention leads to development of the potentialities.

Complete Development

Children are readied for life and all its challenges through a nurturing environment.

State -of –the- Art Facilities

For child’s all –round development and academic excellence the school is equipped with modern resources and facilities.

Motivated Faculty

Teachers are qualified and highly committed for imparting personalized education to bring to the fore individual potential of every child.

Featured Programs

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  • Academics

    personalized attention, structured curriculum and individualized assessment are the methods that the school employs to let every child achieve academic excellence.

  • Indoor-outdoor sports

    To ensure overall personality development sports are given due attention. An extensive inventory of Indoor and outdoor sports facilities are provided to ensure a healthy foundation for future.

  • Community Exposure

    To develop a sense of belongingness and responsibility towards the community excursions and camps for social exposure and education are organized  

  • Extra-curricular activities

    To provide maximum exposure to children for their all-round development a perfect catalogue of extra-curricular activities is incorporated.